Demo Reel (2 minutes)

A collection of clips from various projects. Click HERE for a shot breakdown.



A street musician risks his life to save a child and meets his fate at the hands of an old woman.



The Drive Thru

Here's a short I animated, using the comedian Tom Mabe's voice. Models by Ryan Long.


Game Reel

Some clips from my work on the ill-fated game, Hellgate: London


United Airlines Ad

I animated the latter half of this commercial directed by Jamie Caliri. It later won an Annie Award.



Superman v. The Host

On my last day of animating both Superman and The Host, I submitted this as my final daily. The studio still hasn't asked me back


The PJs (2 minutes)

This is a collection of my animation from the Fox TV show.


The PJs (2 minutes)

I animated the last scene of the PJs "Robbin' HUD" episode.

Apologies to Kubrick.


Magic Trick (3 minutes)

Is this the longest single shot in stop-motion history?

Nobody knows for sure.


Family Portrait (3 minutes)

My parents didn't move for 90 minutes, bless them. This is also my first film to be nuked by the government.


The Big Jump (5 minutes)

Stephen Burrows wrote and directed this short piece for a live show with McNally Sagal called The Stephen Sagal show. That's me on the right.


Superior Court (2 minutes)

A late excerpt from my life as a child actor. I was 19. The woman playing my girlfriend was 27. I asked her out after the taping and she said no.


My Cousin's Big Fat Jewish Wedding (4 minutes)

I was a groomsman at this wedding that aired on Oprah TWICE. You'll see why. I'm the one who saves the challah.


Philo Teen (11 minutes)

My second film at UCLA Film School. It's a bit rough, but it has its moments. The ending still makes me cry.


Maniac (3 minutes)

When I was 11, I made a series of horror films based on a movie I never actually saw. In this one, I am bitten by a rabid dog and acquire magical, murderous skills.


Maniac II (3 minutes)

This sequel begins with a body falling off a building- an event which drew police attention and got me grounded for a week, nearly putting an end to the Maniac franchise


Esperanza! (1 minute)

This message was left on my answering machine. I'm sure the spanish words would have greatly enhanced Esperanza's comprehension.


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