June 2012

Once again, the elections are coming up and Your Political Friend is back to help CA voters figure out the state propositions.


May 2012

After 20 years, I finally received a copy of my appearance on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

I discover that my one line ("Hey, sweet thing, more coffee.") is said off-screen.


April 2012

The Onion's AV Club picked my episode of Wiretap as one of the Best Podcasts of The Week!

Read the Review HERE.


March 2012

I make my third appearance on Wiretap to read my story, Silence.

You can also find the podcast on iTunes.


November 2011

I performed my first live reading for a show called LitUp Writers.

In fairness to my mom, she is not totally like that. Not totally.


October 2011

The radio show Wiretap rebroadcast my true ghost story for their Halloween show.

You can also find the podcast on iTunes.


September 2011

I returned to the storytelling stage to tell an all-too-confessional tale for Stripped Stories at The Punchline.

Look, Ma, no hecklers! Actually, Mom, please don't look at this one. But you can read this review.


March 2011

Melora Creager's band, Rasputina, released a new album of rare tracks, including the soundtrack of my film, Loom. You can buy the album here.


February 2011

I made my second appearance on Jonathan Goldstein's radio show, Wiretap.

It's Canadian, which means I'm an international sensation.


January 2011

I animated Ozzy Osbourne for some kind of sweetened tea commercial.

Is it still selling out if you don't get paid a lot?



December 2010

The Christmas episode of the television show "Community" screened, just two weeks after we finished the animation.


November 2010

My performance on Snap Judgment played on NPR!

The video is coming to PBS soon.


October 2010

My true ghost story is featured on the radio show Wiretap, hosted by Jonathan Goldstein.

That doorway to the left is the site of the encounter.


October 2010

Once again, the elections are coming up and Your Political Friend is back to help CA voters figure out the state propositions.


August 2010

The San Francisco radio station, KFOG, ran a half-hour show about me and my life with Ann.

Scroll down to Beat of the Bay, August 28.


July 2010

I told a new story, Ann, at the 8th Anniversary Porchlight show in San Francisco. The theme for the night was "Magic 8-Ball".


June 2010

After helping CA voters with the propositions, Your Political Friend went to Washington DC to meet with his favorite congressman, Henry Waxman.

We're talking serious Man Crush.


April 2010

My first solo art show is part of Cella Gallery's second anniversary celebration.

The show, called "Little Things", featured my miniature work.


March 2010

My dog, Ann, is selected to be a spokesmodel for Pet Food Express' My Mutt Program. There are posters and everything!

Mark Rogers shot the amazing photos.



February 2010

I finally work up the nerve to tell a story for The Moth. The theme for the night was "Tradition".

I know, it's hard not to automatically think of Fiddler.


January 2010

I "performed" two Corelli sonatas- Preludio in d minor and Allemande.

That's me, hiding behind the music stand.



November 2009

I went to Portland to perform a new story at Back Fence PDX.

Next, I'm going to tell a story about how I used to be an animator.


October 2009

I officiated the wedding of my friends Jeremy and Naho.

A Jewish/Shinto union led by an agnostic bachelor. Perfect.


August 2009

I am invited back to peform a new story in the Porchlight Anniversary show.

It's time to add another slash to my job title.


June 2009

I played "Ballade" (Dancla) and "Tarantella" (Cooper) for my cello recital.

It's gonna be a while before I start getting chicks with this thing.


June 2009

I delivered the commencement address for the Art Institute of California. The ceremony took place in the beautiful Herbst Theatre.

Still not sure how I got that gig.


May 2009

Your Political Friend (my political blog) got out of bed long enough to read the CA state propositions, so you don't have to.


April 2009

I performed my new story, "The Bread Maker" as part of the Porchlight "Kitchen Confidential" show.

I'm finally coming out of my shell.


February 2009

The United Airlines "Heart" wins an Annie Award for best commercial!

It's an animation thing. You wouldn't understand.


December 2008

I animated the end credit sequence for Madascar 2.

Ironically, I didn't get a credit.


November 2008

I went to New Hampshire to monitor the election with a citizen oversight group called Black Box Voting. My video footage of the Secretary of State (breaking the law??) made it onto their front page.


October 2008

Without much of a break, Your Political Friend (my political blog) is back to wrestle with the state propositions, so you won't have to.

Visit yourpoliticalfriend.com


August 2008

The United Airlines "Heart" ad is premiered during the Olympic Games. Jamie Caliri directed. I animated the second half.

Apologies to Gershwin.


June 2008

My second recital is inflicted upon a small gallery of very nice people.

Bach, forgive me.


April 2008

I am interviewed on WELH radio in Providence, RI to talk about film making and stuff.

Click HERE for a link to the podcast.


March 2008

I performed in the Los Angeles Mortified show, screening my Maniac films along with the infamous 2nd grade book report.

Having grown up in LA, the whole evening had a "prodigal son returns" feeling.


Febuary 2008

My grandmother, Marge Oberman, passed away at 87. She was the most wonderful woman and friend. There is a hole in my heart.


January 2008

Your Political Friend (my political blog) returns to help California voters make sense of the Goddamn ballot.

Visit yourpoliticalfriend.com



December 2007

Loom wins Best Animated Film at the Miami Short Film Festival.

As of 2008, I will try to stop talking about Loom.


November 2007

My rambling interview appears in Short End Magazine. As Horace said, "In laboring to be concise I become obscure".


October 2007

I introduced my early horror films, Maniac and Maniac 2, in the San Francisco Halloween show of Mortified.

The audience agrees: I peaked at 11.


September 2007

Loom wins Best Animated Film in its online premier at Ourstage.com


June 2007

My grandfather, Gus Oberman, passed away at 89. He was the patriarch of the family and the only grandfather I ever knew.

I will miss him.


April 2007

Loom wins Best Animated Film at the Crossroads Film Festival.

Also, Magic Trick is licensed to appear in the movie Mad Money, starring Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes, and Queen Latifa. It's shooting now in Louisiana.

March 2007

I'm still writing the script on my next film. In the meantime Loom was accepted by the San Francisco Int'l Film Fest, Milan Int'l Film Fest, Cleveland Int'l Film Fest, Cinequest, Crossroads Film Fest, Indianapolis Film Fest, Martha's Vineyard Film Fest, Mendocino Film Fest, Arizona Int'l Film Fest, AnimaBasauri, Tribeca Underground Film Fest, and SXSW.

January 2007

I attend my first Sundance/Slamdance festival, which was incredibly inspiring. Click on the right for some of my pics.


December 2006

Loom is accepted into the Slamdance Film Festival. This festival is the scrappier, more independent part of Sundance. I just hope I get into some of the lavish, less independent parties. I'm an ANIMATOR, dammit!

November 2006

Loom screens at the Cinanima Festival in Espinho, Portugal, as well as the Leipzig Festival in Germany. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend either one.


October 2006

Your Political Friend (my political blog) returns to help California voters make sense of the Goddamn ballot.

Visit yourpoliticalfriend.com

August 2006

Loom screens at the Hiroshima Animation Festival. I use up the last five of my fifteen minutes of fame.

Click HERE for more Japan pics.

May 2006

Ann takes her third bath in as many weeks.

I register her on Dogster, but all the other dogs there are so, like, way beneath her.

February 2006

Loom is finished after four years of production. I break out the miniature champagne bottles.

The good stuff.


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