Everyone had postcards to promote their films. This is JoEllen Martinson and William Scott Rees, co-directors of The Mallorys Go Black Market. Their blog mentions celebrity sightings that I completely missed.



During the Q and A, I decided to demonstrate the sound of one hand clapping.


Click HERE for audio of the Q and A.


This wall, like all available vertical surfaces on Main St., was covered with a constantly changing mosaic of ever increasing thickness. I would love to have shot a time lapse film of this particular wall.



The wonderful Julia Sweeney was performing with Jill Sobule across the street. I had known Julia many years ago when we worked at the Groundlings Theater, an improv comedy theater in LA, where she got her start.

Sarah Diamond, Director of Programming, and me at the Kodak party. The hardest part about coming home was having to re-learn how to pay for my own drinks.

Jamie Travis (director- The Saddest Boy in the World) and me on the shuttle after one of the parties. The city provided free shuttles to all the theaters. It's a chatty sort of environment where you can easily pimp your film. And I did. My breast pocket was stuffed with postcards.

Tim Rouhana, Spencer Grammer (lead actors), and Peter Kelley (Director) of the film, The Path of Most Resistance.

Some of the organizers of Slamdance. Dan Mirvish is the guy with the chef's hat on the right.


Mia Trachinger and I shared a house while we attending UCLA Film School. She since wrote and directed a feature film called Bunny

The ice cream truck doesn't even bother with this street.

Brooke Sebold, co-director of the documentary Red Without Blue

  Grace Lee (Director, co-Writer) and Rebecca Sonnenshine (co-Writer) of American Zombie
  I found my little place of publicity. It actually stayed visible for two days. I guess nobody noticed it was there.
  I really wanted to get a picture with the dog. The hot Argentinian blonde girl just happened to be there so I didn't want to be rude.
  Jamie Travis (Writer/Director) and Amy Belling (DP/Producer) of The Saddest Boy in the World.

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