Storytelling shows typically have three rules: 1) stories must be true, 2) stories must pertain to the theme for the evening, and 3) notes are not allowed (unless they are). Below are my attempts.


jkLitUp Writers

I read my short story, Silence, at the 111 Minna St. Gallery in San Francisco.

Apologies to my mother.


Porchlight - 8th Anniversary Show

My final Ann story. The theme for the night was "Magic 8 Ball".


WireTap - CBC Radio

I told my true ghost story for the radio show, WireTap, hosted by Jonathan Goldstein.


Porchlight 7th Anniversary Show.

The theme of the night was "Serendipity"


The Moth show (Los Angeles).

The theme was "Tradition".


Stripped Stories

There wasn't any particular theme for this show. The only requirement was to talk about, you know, sex stuff.

Is it awkward in here?

Back Fence PDX show in Portland.

The theme was "Get Me Out of Here"


Porchlight - San Francisco.

The theme was "Kitchen Confidential"


I delivered the commencement address for the Art Institute of California..

They let me use notes for this one.



Mortified is a show in which people read excerpts from their teenage diaries. I never kept a diary.

Instead, I made crappy horror movies.


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